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Happy Butt N°7 Double Tummy Layer

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Product Description

Happy Butt N°7 Double Tummy Layer

So Comfy... Like a Second Layer of Skin. 

This seamless breathable body shaper shapes your body without flattening your butt.

We've created Happy Butt N°7 Double Tummy Layer with double the waist compression. 

It's made with a breathable fabric and invisible under clothes with 7 targeted compression zones where you need it the most, 4 adjustable bra straps, silicone lining on the leg edge portions to prevent the rolling up effect and a double gusset for ease when nature calls. This Seamless breathable body shaper can be worn daily under any clothing. Wear it to the gym, office or out on the town. We've designed it to be your most comfortable, everyday essential! This body shaper fits true to size. 

Happy Butt N°7 is super lightweight ... Weighing only 6.5 Oz


The difference between the body shapers Happy Butt N°7 Single layer,

Happy Butt N°7 Double Tummy Layer and Crystal Love - Amazingly Thin - Light compression are:

 *Happy Butt N°7 Double Tummy Layer: Will Provide you with double the waist firm compression with its 8 inch     double paneled waistband, the fabric is thicker, more butt lift, leg portions are 1.5 inches longer than Crystal   Love Light Compression.

 *Happy Butt N°7 Single Tummy Layer: Will Provide you with medium moderate compression, the fabric     is thicker, more butt lift, leg portions are 1.5 inches longer than Crystal Love Light Compression.

 *Crystal Love Amazingly Thin: Will provide you with super light compression made with Bio-Crystals it reduces   cellulite and increases blood flow.




Double Tummy Compression


This extraordinary patented shaper has:

8 inch double paneled  waistband.

* 7 targeted compression zones where you need it the most.

* High waist design control top with Tummy panel that flattens your waistline

   smoothing the tummy, waist and back.

* Butt lifter bands that support, lifts and enhances your own natural shape.

* Special mesh on buttocks region to avoid flattening and enhance volume.

* Anti-bacterial technology prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes.

* Sweat-wicking.

* Four-way stretch.

* Wide crotch gusset for when nature calls.

* Special zone in mid leg that expands according to your leg size.

* Pressure release at the edge of leg portion designed to relieve lower leg bulge.

* Upper thigh band which supports lower buttocks while boosting Volume.

* 4 Adjustable removable bra Straps.

* Breathable fabric.

* Seamless.

* Invisible under clothes.

* Made in Italy.

* No stitches or seams along leg openings.

* Silicone lining on upper waist welt to prevent garment from sliding.

* Silicone lining on end of leg portions to prevent garment from rising.

* Hand washed in cold water and laid flat to dry. Do not iron.

* This body shaper is constructed of 84% nylon and 16% spandex knit fabric.

* Silicone is constructed of elastan on polyurethane base.




The (Top display) Model is wearing a size SMALL. Her pant size is 6, height is 5'6, Weight 135lbs. 

Please check size & style tab on menu to select your correct size.

Once you know your body measurements, consult the Size Chart below to determine which size you should purchase. If you are not sure or you are in between sizes please write your measurements, pant size, weight and height in the comments box at the time of check out or you can call 212 739 7877.

This body shaper fits true to size. 




 PATENTED US20150157060A1 US10058131B2




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Product Reviews

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  1. Amazing Product - Happy butt #7

    Posted by Aline Casseus on Oct 17th 2019

    I am 194lbs 5’8 and I ordered a Large following the guide and it fit all my curves. I LOVE IT!!!

    I don’t normally write reviews but I just had to . After seeing her video on Facebook and hearing her story I had to. The price is high but it’s GREAT quality! It shapes my body very well and the mesh that is in the butt area makes it look so very natural . When I tell you my booty looks great!

    I just placed an order for the shorts version so I can wear it with other outfits.


    Posted by Kel on Oct 15th 2019

    This is a MUST BUY!! Best Faja I have ever purchased!! Instant lift and hold!!! It’s a miracle...

  3. Amazing

    Posted by Mariela Pena on Oct 14th 2019

    I was a little hesitant to try it on because it looked too small but once it was on it stretched. It fit me so perfectly. I thought it was going to fit me so tight but it shaped my body perfectly. I was very impressed!


    Posted by Unknown on Oct 12th 2019

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ perfect
    Be carefull !!! don’t use Your Nails to Wear that

  5. Confident

    Posted by Yadira Aguilar on Oct 11th 2019

    I couldn't wait to receive my happy but No.7 it got here sooner then expected. As soon as I tried it I was feeling good, confident, happy. I recommend this if you have children it support the tummy and keeps everything in place and I notice that it helps tighten ur skin. Thank you yahaira I will continue to purchase as I loose and tighten my body.


    Posted by Unknown on Oct 11th 2019

    I'm 5'5, weigh 150LBS, and wear size 6-8 pants. I got a small and it fit me so perfect!!! i really recommend it. my bestfriend told me about this Faja and how it tucks in your waist and makes your butt bigger and ITS TRUEE !!! it is pricy but definitely worth it !!!! I AM LOVING MY BODY IN THIS. i am definitely purchasing more soon !

  7. You won’t regret this purchase!!!

    Posted by Shelly B on Oct 10th 2019

    I am about 185 and 5’2 and I got a large and honey wearing this under a dress to hold it all in will turn heads! Especially if you are already shapely this will enhance your figure and take it to that next level! It is a bit pricey though....

  8. The ultimate Suck and Tuck!

    Posted by Rebecca on Oct 9th 2019

    Absolutely loved this faja! It wasn’t easy getting on but once it was on, it was comfortable and sucked and tucked everything in! LOL! Will be purchasing other fajas for different clothing options!

  9. Amazing

    Posted by Gen on Oct 9th 2019

    If you haven’t tried this product what the heck are y’all waiting. It’s definitely changed my life where now I can ware those nice dresses without any creases from past body snappers. Definitely makes you look natural and I’ve lost weight. Yahaira i can’t thank you enough. You gained a life long loyal customer. Thank you thank you.

  10. The best shapewear I've ever had

    Posted by Jessica on Oct 9th 2019

    It's seamless, so comfortable, not to tied I'm able to wear it and keep with my daily routine, pushed my tummy in, lift my butt....I just love it that I am planning to buy another one

  11. I loved it Best Shapewear

    Posted by Veronica Castro on Oct 8th 2019

    I recently bought three items from Yahaira this was my favorite don't get me wrong they are all good but this one pushes my tummy in and pushes my butt out and slims my waist Love it will be buying more ❤

  12. The most comfortable thing ever! Amazingly made!

    Posted by Kate on Oct 5th 2019

    Made in high quality! Love the material on the bottom of the legs, definitely helps keep the pant part down! It was the best idea ever to add the straps to put over your bra! Keeps it from sliding down on your waist! Only little thing that does cause some discomfort is the straps part of it that push against your skin. But it is unavoidable cause if it would be from the other side it would show through clothing. So can’t complain at all! I would strongly highly recommend this for anybody and everybody! Makes you feel amazing and confident wearing it! Makes my tummy and waist exactly the way I want it to be! And it’s so undetectable that your wearing it that it’s just unbelievable!!! Five star product for sure!!! Thank you Yahaira!

  13. The best!.

    Posted by Ana on Oct 5th 2019

    What I love the most it’s the shape it gives my butt


    Posted by Shelita Murphy on Oct 4th 2019

    OMG!!! I don't know where to begin but here I go. I have spent hundreds of dollars online trying to find the perfect shaper and I have. The searching is over. I have never been this happy and truly satisfied with any product at the same time. This shaper is way too amazing. It's extremely smooth, it tucks in my tummy, vanishes my back fat and corrects my posture while simultaneously stopping my thighs from rubbing together. I can walk, bend, exercise, clean and breathe with this excellent product. I could go on and on raving about this product but I would rather for you to experience the difference your self. Purchase you one today and I guarantee you will never purchase a true to fit shaper/tummy tuck from anyone else. I highly, highly recommend this product.

  15. Must buy ladies.

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 4th 2019

    Omg! It’s amazing!
    This is hands down the best pair of shapewear I’ve ever owned. I ordered the black pair.
    It’s great and fits very well!

  16. Best faja!

    Posted by Maia on Oct 2nd 2019

    It’s amazing!

  17. Love it

    Posted by Eva Erazo on Sep 29th 2019

    It helped so much keeping everything in place

  18. Love it!! But....

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 28th 2019

    I do Love this!!! But the straps pull the front of my bra down a bit. Maybe not for everyone. I have a large butt/hips and a smaller waist but the front of me is long.... so it may just be my body. It’s still worth it! And I will be purchasing other products.

  19. Happy Butt Yahaira Shapewear

    Posted by Chely on Sep 27th 2019

    I recently purchased the Yahaira shapewear and I really like it. It fits true to size. Very comfortable and it really shapes your body to make you look amazing! I will warn you, it is a challenge to put it on. It took me 25 minutes to put it on the first couple of times. The product comes with pictures which show you how to out it on. The only downside I saw was the bra attachments were very difficult to fasten and the lining at the top is very uncomfortable.

  20. The best body shaper ever

    Posted by Lisa on Sep 27th 2019

    This is the best body shaper I’ve tried and I had my share of them it fits so comfortable and it really helps my clothes fit better !!

  21. Best shapewear period

    Posted by Giawilson95@gmail.com on Sep 26th 2019

    My confidence has boosted with this shapewear. As someone who doesn’t want to go under a knife to lose weight, through the process of losing weight this has helped a lot.

  22. Wow!!

    Posted by Carletta on Sep 25th 2019

    I've been wanting to buy this for quite sometime but the price $$$ held me off. Then I finally told my husband... You're purchasing this for me!! It arrived quickly and when I took it out of the package he says, are you sure cause it looks to fit a child?

  23. My butt is definitely happy!

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 25th 2019

    I LOVE that this shapewear doesn’t flatten my asset! I’m Latina and appreciate this very much.

  24. Worth the $

    Posted by Kim on Sep 25th 2019

    I'm 5' 2" and 150 lbs. I'm larger in my waist and hips, pant size 7/8. I ordered a nude, size M and it fit perfectly. It wasn't hard to put on and the quality is very nice (I wore it under a thin, stretchy black dress and it didn't show).
    The straps are adjustable and completely detachable in case you don't want to use them. It stays on well, even without the straps applied and it was very comfortable to me, it didn't roll down at all. Adjust around your hips well and your booty will pop! ;)

  25. Love it

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 20th 2019

    I love this body shaper and with straps to adjust to your bra it never folds down! Thank you Yahaira!

  26. Best shapewear

    Posted by Jazz LG on Sep 19th 2019

    So I've tried several shapewear and has been a waste of money, this one is kinda difficult to put on, maybe because It's still new but once is on omg it's so comfortable. I love the straps since I use to always end up with my face all rolled out. Yesterday I used it with jeans and tank top and there's no way it's visible and I also used it with leggings and you can't notice it at all.

  27. La mejor opción de mi vida

    Posted by Lilly on Sep 18th 2019

    Tengo realizado mi Lipo y bbl al final de mi recuperación, tome la opción de comprar la faja de yahaira no. 7que mire en internet, Para tener una mayor comodidad, quede enamorada de la faja, sobre paso mis estándares, soporte, comodidad al realizar ejercicio y al trabajar, sobre pasa las 5 estrellas yo daría 2 mil ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️...
    Solo si me hubiera encantado que estuviera la faja no. 7 con cierre el tommy T.

  28. Amazing

    Posted by Mary on Sep 18th 2019

    When I 1st saw it I got scared it was literally the size of my 2 year old nephew and didn't know how I was gonna put it on. When I got it on I was amazed it's so comfortable and my ass looked amazing!!!!!


    Posted by Monica on Sep 16th 2019

    I was going to return it thinking I got the wrong size but it fit perfect. I got a large and I'm 190lb size 12 pants size. First time wearing it will make you think it's too small but it expands more as you use it the 2nd time. I wear it everyday and hand wash daily. I hang it up to dry and it dries fast. I love that it so comfortable and yes I can see the difference! Definitely will recommend and looking to purchase more. One thing that may need improvement is the strap in back and on sides, it's difficult to put those on by yourself.

  30. Best ever!

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 16th 2019

    You could wear it all day you will never get tired of it!

  31. Amazing!!!!

    Posted by SarahB on Sep 16th 2019

    This product is my favorite!!! Shipping was fast and product is very high quality. I HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone. It really does exactly what it advertises it does. I will definitely be ordering more in the future

  32. Awesome body shaper but...

    Posted by Kyesha on Sep 15th 2019

    It don’t hold my stomach down as much as I’d want it to , I should of just brought a smaller size.

  33. Una faja que no te tortura!

    Posted by Alba Gallardo on Sep 13th 2019

    Una de las mejores fajas que he comprado, me ajusta adecuadamente sin quitarme el aliento, flexible y lo mejor no se notan las costuras!

  34. Needs Improvments

    Posted by Maria B. on Sep 13th 2019

    Happy butt was good I liked it a lot but one of the straps fell off and now I have 3 instead of 4 . It would of been helpful if it came with a few extra straps and it’s kind of hard to fasten the strap in the back to your bra but it’s managable . I do like it and still use it because I paid a lot for it but I am looking into getting the full body one that goes over your shoulders because the straps are just not good .

  35. Love it

    Posted by Lisa Lola on Sep 12th 2019

    Worth every penny I have told
    My friends u need this

  36. Feeling confident

    Posted by Jessica Anderson on Sep 11th 2019

    My clothes fit so much better!!! Now I feel more comfortable and confident. Definitely will be purchasing more products.

  37. Great product

    Posted by Latresia on Sep 11th 2019

    I love my garment!! I was very skeptical when I ordered but when I received it and put it on I became a believer baby. The only thing I had a problem with is getting into it lol I had to strictly follow the directions and have a lot of patience but once I got in it it was COMFORTABLE, which I feared but this shaper is the bomb! I highly recommend it Ladies my money was well spent and definitely ordering again because I ordered a xl and yahaira told me to get a large. I should’ve listened but I wanted to be on the safe side. Completely undetectable, and enhances your curves. I love love love this shaper!! ❤️❤️

  38. 1

    Posted by Tiff on Sep 11th 2019

    I like the comfortable feel of the material. I do think the stay put type silicon around the Leg should've been completely around the with to prevent the slight rolling up. The buttocks area should have more room for wider, bigger or rounder behinds. I wear a sz 18-20 and the XL is a good fit. I can't wait to see the results of it helping to reduce cellulite without wearing it. This Product does smooth out your shape and skin while wearing it. The stomach area just smooths you out nicely but doesn't flatten the area. Lastly the bra straps were a good idea to have or choose to remove them. This is the best by far shapewear I've tried as of yet but the priciest as well. I would like to see the company make an XXL.

  39. Very satisfied

    Posted by Maria on Sep 9th 2019

    So far one of the greatest I have had.

  40. I’m in love

    Posted by Lisa Lisboa on Sep 7th 2019

    I have been eyeing this shaper for ever ! not wanting drop $ but girl this is worth it for sure , it’s a bitch to get on but the instructions were very helpful. but dam my waist is snatched and wow it’s so comfortable so I want all the pieces now!!! Best body shaper . I can’t wait too see what coming out in October.

  41. Enamorada

    Posted by Raquel Guevara on Sep 6th 2019

    Me levanta perfecto las pompas que claramente son las tuyas y no relleno, súper cómoda y puedes ponértela con lo que tuvquieras

  42. Amazing shape garment

    Posted by Minerva Ramirez on Sep 6th 2019

    I love it,super comfort and the most I like is that it makes you look super sexy, I really recommend you girls to get yours,

  43. Must Have!!

    Posted by Dee on Sep 6th 2019

    I was a little skeptical about this product. Especially when I took it out the package, it was so small. I thought no way I was getting into it. After 30 minutes, I finally had it on. I had to keep stopping to take a break...lol The second time I put it on was MUCH easier.

    I have bought quite a bit shape wear in the past. I was pleasantly surprised how comfortable it was! Not to mention how it holds you in.

    If you’re on the fence, get off. Definitely get one of these. You pay a little more, but it’s so worth it.

  44. Love it girl

    Posted by myrose613@icloud.com on Sep 4th 2019

    I just had a baby a week ago,&& forsure your shape garment is keeping everything in place. I love it

  45. Worth it!!

    Posted by Johana Gallegos on Sep 2nd 2019

    I Recommended!

  46. Verry happy!

    Posted by Alma Capetillo on Sep 2nd 2019

    I love it, at the first try i was like oh no i ordered the wrong size for me but maybe i was too exited to try it and i rushed my self i took it off and i gave up i was gonna sell it to my sister, second try i was like really surprised because i put it on wit no problem and it felt like the perfect size, so comfortable I'm so happy with my purchase.

  47. Worth it!

    Posted by Jess on Sep 1st 2019

    I love it!!!! I hope they come with one that goes all the way up and flattend the back part and have a strapless bra
    built in!!! Will buy again.

  48. Better than most

    Posted by Nathalie Cobas on Sep 1st 2019

    Happy Butt does what it promises. Kept my belly down and my butt out. It stays in place very good. The only down side I think is that it is extremely difficult to get into. That might also be depending on how you are built. I have very large hips and legs. I needed my husbands help getting it on. The difficulty level makes me not want to wear it everyday. Wish I would have ordered the tank top one. Seems easier to wear I think. But all and all it is worth the price

  49. Best shape wear on the market.

    Posted by Lana Lane on Sep 1st 2019

    I absolutely love it, contours my body in places I'm too lazy to work on. This product is the best definitely worth every penny. True to its size and you don't even feel like your wearing a shape wear plus it doesn't show. I will be recommending it to all my family and friends. Thanks Yahaira for your awesome invention ❤ it.

  50. Great Product

    Posted by Narcy on Aug 29th 2019

    Love how it feels and I can actually breath in it..I think this is exactly what I needed. Thank you Yahaira!

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